Selling our house again

Yes that's right - we're back on the market.

Having consulted a mortgage advisor prior to withdrawing from the sale, I had decided that I would get an investment mortgage on this property and then rent it out. On Wednesday last week I rang the advisor to start arranging that mortgage and was told that actually, seeing as I might take the equity overseas, and that I am self employed, and on a low income, even though the rent would more than cover the mortgage, there was no way any lender in the county would take that risk.

Hmm. At first I was annoyed. I pulled out of the sale based on the advice of that same guy! But do you know, actually, despite the annoyance I think it has all worked out for the best. When I sold before and then realised that I should be going to Australia not another property down the road, I wasn't fully ready to accept that we might go and not come back. Although that's what I really wanted to do, my family are here, half of BB's family are here, leaving would be hard. Both times when have moved across the world in the past, I have gone as a temporary measure, rented out my house and waited to see what happens. That's not quite so scary. Deliberately selling up and emigrating - that's full on!

But since we bought the tickets I feel great. I feel like it is the right move for us. Australia is the place for us to live and work and the UK is a great place to visit. With everything else I have been happily enjoying getting rid - I don't plan on storing anything in this country - if we don't need it enough to ship to Australia we don't need it at all. It's actually more hassle to rent the house and then to sell it with a tenant in place. Best just to get rid of that too before we go. So now I actually want to sell. So, thanks to the people we were buying from for not finding anywhere to go, and thanks to the mortgage advisor for giving me a false sense of security enough to take the plunge and book those tickets, and now thanks for the fact that I have no option but to sell so I don't have to spend ages deciding or feeling guilty. Its good. I also think it's better as it means that instead of being tied up in a house, our money will be available to us to ensure that we can afford to come back to the UK and visit people regularly, which I do really want to do.

So on Thursday morning I contacted the agent and got it back on the market. Then I had a crazy couple of days getting the house ready for viewing - we had got all our stuff out of the loft for sorting and there were piles everywhere. That was good too in a way though - instead of procrastinating over what to keep and what to get rid of I just had to do it - so we have taken several loads to the charity shop and are much closer to being ready to move.

Now we just need to sell. I think we will. There has been quite a lot of interest already.

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