Moving house?

You may remember that toward the end of last year/ beginning of this year I started to talk about moving house. My plan back then was to move into the city which we travel to frequently for swimming and my work, so that BB had more things accessible to him, so that it was easier for DD to visit us, and where we still wouldn't be too far from my family. That all fell apart when I couldn't find a place within that city that I'd rather live, and my five year anniversary of being back in the UK was up. Why was I looking for another house here? Wouldn't I would rather be in Australia?

Well, I seem to have come full circle on that now. DD and PP are going to purchase in the UK, so the chances of them going to Australia are even smaller than they were before. My family are here and BB does love having them around. The exchange rate to go back to Australia really isn't in my favour at the moment. A couple of months ago I wrote a list of things I would like for us to have in our lives.  Moving to the city would have more to offer for me too. Plus I have finally found an area within said city that I think I would actually love to live. It is adjacent to a huge country park and everything is accessible by footpaths or bike trails with no need to go on a road. It's close to major roads leading to DD's place, my parents', and my sister's house - plus easy access by road and rail to other parts of the country. I even found a house that I like that I can afford (and another one that I fell in love with, which isn't practical or affordable but hey).  So my house is now on the market. What happens next is in the hands of a potential buyer for here.

Its hard, because this house has so much of me in it. I renovated it completely, converted the garage, made it function for exactly how our life works. I have solar panels to keep the bills down, a downstairs office, a laundry. I haven't found anywhere as good, but then I don't suppose I would - this house is designed for me. Other houses are designed for other people. Its location that's important though, right? And I can make the changes again as and when I can afford them. I keep humming and haaing and contemplating taking mine off the market and staying here, because I do like the house so much. Reality is though, that if I had thought for a moment when I bought this place that I might end up staying in the UK long term, I wouldn't have bought here! We do need to go somewhere else at some point - so lets see what happens.

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