Grandpa's Garden - Book Review

Grandpa's Garden was the first ever Barefoot Book that we read. It was given to BB as a gift and we immediately knew it was different to any other books we had read before. The book had a beautiful quality to it, both physically and literally. It tells the story of a boy and his Grandpa working together in the garden. They have a lovely relationship in which the Grandpa is passing down his knowledge of the garden and the relationship between the plants the earth and the animals. It follows the pair through a whole year and so gives an informative picture of what happens in the garden as the seasons roll on by.

Grandpa's Garden - Barefoot Books Review

As with many Barefoot Books this one has some fantastic and informative end notes including how to plan a vegetable garden and what jobs you need to do each season. They are so informative and inspiring that we even created our own garden based on the plan at the back.

Grandpa's Garden - Barefoot Books Review

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