Scrambled egg with roast tomatoes and green salad

Wheat Free Breakfast Egg, tomatoes, salad and avocado
Scrambled egg with roast tomatoes, avocado and salad


3 eggs
Butter or ghee
10-12 grape tomatoes
some green salad leaves (my favourites are spinach watercress and rocket)
1/2 avocado
Salt and pepper to taste


Although many people these days use a microwave for scrambled eggs, they taste so much better when they are cooked in a pan!

Just melt a little butter (or ghee if you are doing the Whole 30). Beat the eggs in a bowl and then pour them into a saucepan. Use a medium heat and keep stirring them with the whisk. Remove from heat when they almost at the consistency that you like to eat them (they do continue to cook for a bit).

coat the tomatoes in a fat of your choice (ghee or avocado oil are my choices), place in a baking tray in an oven at 200ÂșC for about 15 mins

Wash salad leaves and slice avocado

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